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We have Kratom plants available for you to grow at home or to resell. We offer clones of the Rifat and Bumblebee plants.

About Kratom Plants

Latin Name:

Piper Methysticum



Growing Difficulty:


Level of Kratomlactones:






Important Growing Information:

When you receive your live cutting, you will want to have a medium-sized pot to transplant in. Use Pro-mix or other well-drained soil for indoor plants. These very light soils drain well and provide a good amount of aeration to the roots even when fully saturated with water. You will want to make sure to prepare your soil the night before so that the soil absorbs the water. Make a hole big enough for your plant's roots to fit inside without having to force it in. You don't want to damage the fragile roots. Fully cover the root system and add 1 cm of earth above the last root node. You will want to keep it in an environment where you can control the humidity to around 100%. You can achieve that easily with a humidity tent or a transparent plastic container with a few holes. Water your plant every day for one week. You can then start to make more holes every day for another 7-10 days in your humidity tent so that your plant slowly adapts to the environment. Wait one or two more weeks before introducing it to an outdoor environment.

What Type of Soil do I Need?

Pro mix or any other well draining soil

When do I Transplant?

You will want to transplant to a bigger pot or into the ground when the roots begin to crawl out of the holes underneath

What Size of Pot do I Need?

Transplant into a pot that is twice the diameter to ensure that plant has enough room to grow.

Can I Use Transplanting Fertilizer?

We like to avoid using fertilizer in general unless it is organic, but we will let you decide. In the short run, while it is young, should not be an issue. The advantage is that it will help your plant establish a stronger rooting system.

What Type of Sunlight Does a Kratom Plant Need?

Indirect, partial shade, ideally direct morning sunlight

What is the Ideal Temperature For my Kratom Plant?

68-88 degrees Fahrenheit

What is the Ideal Humidity Level?


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