Methods of Payment


  1. Mobile Payment ($app)

  2. Send Cash with your favorite app, e-mail us after your order for details.

  3. Check

  4. E-mail us for details.

  5. Check Image

  6. Send us a payment instantly by taking a picture of the front and back. E-mail us for details.

  7. Transferwise

  8. Instant but need to be registered, visit

  9. Money Order

  10. Bank Transfer

  11. Preferred for large orders over 3000$

    E-mail us for details.


  1. E-Transfer

  2. Send to info(@)
    Answer to any Security Question: LEAF321.
    You can e-mail us with any other answer of your choice.

  3. Transferwise

  4. Bitcoin

    E-mail for Details

  5. Bank Transfer

  6. Preferred for large orders over 3000$

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