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Kratom White Vein Thai | Popular

White veined Thai powdered. Grown in Indonesia near the Thailand border, this strain has naturally migrated from Thailand and has a different aroma than its Indonesian cousin. We take care of finding the highest quality product with Good Manufacturing Practices, so you're not just getting the ... more info
Kratom Yellow Maeng Da | Top 10

This is a high-quality product. A slow-cured leaf with low chlorophyll levels.
Micronized Kava Powder

Our micronized kava powder is always fresh because the micronizing starts once you place your order. We can micronize any of our traditional kava powders, and we can even make custom micronized blends so you can offer a unique kava profile. The advantage of micronized kava vs instant kava is the ... more info
Red Hulu Kapuas | Top 10

We expect this one to be a keeper. It has gained in popularity this year.
Red Indo | Top 10

Red Indo kratom powder is one of our newest additions.
Solomon Islands Kava

Our kava from the Solomon Islands has been tested to be noble and is of the highest quality. These roots have grown for a minimum of 7 years and are definitely a treat reserved for the Kava connoisseurs. The Solomon Island kava is sun-dried and makes an excellent compliment when mixed with kava ... more info
Taboo Vanuatu | Sun-dried | 1kg

Price: $108.00

This is traditional noble Kava from Vanuatu. 50% Lateral root and 50% Basal root. Roots have been sundried. It is a smooth fine grind and available in limited supply. We offer kava products from 4 different regions. Kava Powder by Regions: Vanuatu Kava Vanuatu has some of the best kava in the ... more info
Tonga Kava

This Kava is a special treat from the kingdom of Tonga. We have a limited supply of this and reserve it for special occasions. We offer the 30%lateral - 70% basal root blend for a naturally balanced kava great at anytime. Basal Root and Lateral Root Kava can be divided into 2 main categories:Basal ... more info
Vanuatu Kava

Vanuatu has some of the best kava in the world. With strict export requirements and knowledgeable growers, Vanuatu kava is a great place to start if new to kava. We offer kiln-dried premium kava and traditional sundried kava. These come from different regions, and each is special in its own way. ... more info
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